Planting Underground Churches in Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey – Overcoming Challenges with Hope

In the pursuit of our mission to establish underground churches in Muslim-majority nations, Eram Mission places particular focus on Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey. These countries present unique challenges, and it is in these regions that we strive to make a significant impact by spreading the message of Christianity and supporting local believers.

  1. Iran: Iran has a rich cultural heritage and a deep-rooted Islamic tradition. The Christian population in Iran faces severe persecution and legal restrictions. Eram Mission works tirelessly to provide spiritual and practical support to underground churches in Iran. Through secure networks, we offer resources, discipleship training, and a platform for believers to connect and strengthen their faith. Our goal is to help local Christians navigate the challenging environment they face and find solace in their relationship with Christ.

  2. Afghanistan: Afghanistan, a nation deeply influenced by Islamic values and traditions, presents a challenging landscape for Christians. The recent geopolitical situation in Afghanistan has heightened the risks faced by believers. Eram Mission is committed to standing with underground churches in Afghanistan, offering encouragement, counseling, and tangible support. We believe in the power of prayer and advocate for the safety and well-being of Christians in this region, working to provide them with the resources they need to practice their faith amidst adversity.

  3. Turkey: Turkey, with its diverse cultural heritage and Islamic influence, poses its own set of challenges for Christians. While Turkey is more open to religious diversity compared to some other nations, there are still obstacles that underground churches face. Eram Mission actively supports and equips believers in Turkey, focusing on building strong relationships, fostering unity, and providing discipleship training. We believe that by empowering local believers, we can strengthen the underground church community and help Christians thrive in their faith journey.

In all three countries, Eram Mission remains dedicated to overcoming the hurdles that hinder the spread of Christianity and the establishment of underground churches. We work closely with local believers, partnering with them in their pursuit of spiritual freedom and growth.

By focusing on Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey, we recognize the unique challenges each country presents, and we tailor our efforts to address the specific needs of believers in these regions. Through prayer, financial support, and partnership, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who seek religious freedom and a deeper connection with God.

Join us in this crucial mission, as we strive to bring hope and transformation to the lives of individuals in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and beyond. Together, we can shine a light in the darkness and empower believers to overcome challenges with the strength and love of Christ.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37