Bridge to Iran

Embark on a transformative journey with our specialized courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for effective engagement in Turkey. Each course comprises three modules, with each module requiring 20 teaching hours ( except Language Training Course). Whether you choose to attend classes online or on campus, our flexible learning options cater to your needs.

Our Courses:

  1. Turkish Culture and History: Uncover the richness of Turkish culture, traditions, history, and social norms crucial for meaningful engagement.

  2. Language Training: Attain basic to intermediate proficiency in Turkish, the primary language spoken in Turkey, enhancing communication and relationship-building.

  3. Religious Studies: Explore Islam, its various sects, and the role of religion in Turkish society for respectful dialogue and contextual understanding.

  4. Cross-Cultural Communication: Master techniques for effective cross-cultural communication, vital for building lasting relationships across cultural boundaries.

  5. Understanding Turkish Worldviews and Values: Study Turkish worldviews, values, beliefs, and attitudes to foster more meaningful interactions.

  6. Community Engagement and Development: Develop skills in community engagement, development, and sustainable practices within Turkish communities.

  7. History of Christianity in Turkey: Gain insights into the history, challenges, and current state of Christianity in Turkey, navigating the religious landscape.

  8. Practical Ministry Skills: Equip yourself with practical ministry skills, including counseling, leadership development, and discipleship, within the context of Turkish culture.

  9. Security and Safety Awareness: Develop an acute awareness of potential risks and security protocols when operating in potentially sensitive environments.

  10. Adapting Biblical Teachings: Learn innovative methods for adapting and presenting biblical teachings in a culturally sensitive manner resonating with the Turkish context.

11. Turkish Tribal Dynamics: Explore the diverse tribal landscapes in Turkey, understanding the intricate dynamics, traditions, and social structures to navigate and engage effectively.

Flexible Learning Options: Choose the format that suits you best—online or on campus. Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience designed to enhance your understanding and engagement in Turkey.

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